‘My daughter’s toe is bigger than the chocolate in her Cadbury advent calendar’

A fed-up mum has slammed Cadbury after her devastated daughter discovered the chocolates in her advent calendar were smaller than her TOE.

Mum Anna Devlin bought Kitty, a 3D calendar for £9.99 last month after the eight-year-old excitedly selected it herself.

After patiently waiting to open her calendar, she was gutted to only find measly variety-sized bites of her favourite Cadbury classics instead.

In a homage to the classic 80s ‘finger of Fudge’ TV advert, 46-year-old Anna snapped a quirky picture of her daughter’s foot next to the sweet treat, as a contrast.

The art teacher has now urged the chocolate firm to use bigger chocolates in future as she claims children have already ‘had a sh** few years’ and don’t need further disappointment.

Anna, from Winchester, Hampshire, said: “We’d gone to look for an advent calendar. She likes a Freddo and it’s supposed to have Freddos in it – but not yet.

“I imagine it might just be a frog leg or something.

“”I think she thought they [the chocolates] were going to be full size as the actual calendar is so big. She laughed at the size of the Fudge which is what started it all really.

“The picture is a dig at Cadbury. It’s not a finger of Fudge – it’s barely a toe of Fudge – an eight-year-old’s toe at that.

“The advent calendar is a big exciting part of my daughter’s Christmas and it looks big.

“Children are generally a little bit greedy and that’s what she wanted. She thought she’d get some decent chocolate every day and its sh**.

“They look substantial in the shops and they cost a tenner. I could have bought two or three tubs of Celebrations and she could have gorged herself on chocolate for that price.

“The advert used to be ‘a finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat’. When I saw it, I said ‘what can we measure it against? and then said ‘your toe!’.”

Anna claims eager Kitty was further disappointed when she then received several of the same chocolate in a row, including three days of Fudge and then three days of Chomp.

Other fed-up chocolate lovers have described similar scenes – with one fuming man dubbing it “chaos.”

Anna said: “It’s a tower, it’s full of plastic. You can open the top to peer in and see what’s behind every day.

“There’s variety-size chocolate in each one which I expected, but I don’t think she did.

“There was a Chomp for three days, a finger of Fudge for three days in a row. Then the excitement and the quantity is lacking.

“Every day she says ‘oh Mummy, it’s this again’.

“There was Curly Wurly two days in a row and on day nine we had a packet of Buttons and a really sh** sticker, that was also wrapped in plastic.

“On Friday she had a nugget of Dairy Milk. She bit into it and said ‘oh Mummy, it’s not hollow’ – as if she was gearing herself up for failure.”

After posting her complaint online, Anna claims several other people commented their own disappointment and has now urged Cadbury to be ‘more honest’.

Anna said: “Next year, Cadbury need to be more honest. That’s a lot of air that I bought.

“They should avoid disappointing children – they’ve had a sh*t few years with covid.

“On Facebook, my nephew has it and he’s disappointed. My husband’s best friend’s daughter got it and she’s disappointed.”

Anna’s Facebook post reads: “Cadbury UK, very disappointed child with her Cadbury advent calendar, more like a Toe of Fudge, and only Curly Wurlys, Fudge and Chomp so far.

“Day 9 finally got Buttons and one sticker. A lot of plastic for not much product. She’s wishing she had chosen a different one and at roughly 40p per door so do I.”

A Cadbury spokesman said: “Every year, we’re excited to share our Christmas products with our Cadbury chocolate fans.

“We review the mix of treats in our advent calendars regularly to ensure we are giving consumers an assortment of their favourites. However, there can be some minor deviations in the mix due to manufacturing processes.

“When it comes to the shape of our advent calendars, we love offering new and unique ways for our fans to interact and find their treats, ensuring that all include a fair and proper volume of the chocolate for all to enjoy.”