Dramatic dogs having two minutes of food tantrums leave viewers in stitches

Loving family dogs are usually known for being patient and kind – unless you come between them and some delicious food, that is.

Whether they’re being denied their owner’s fast food, are unhappy with the portion they’ve been served up, or are convinced they deserve to be fed whenever they please, these dogs had some of the funniest over-the-top reactions to their dietary restrictions.

A series of hilarious clips have been shared across the internet showing various dog breeds voicing their displeasure at the lack of grub on offer.

For some, a despairing look has done all the talking, as they display their best puppy dog eyes.

Here are a few stories that have had people chuckling.

“Where’s my scrambled egg?”

When Dusty was offered kibble with carrots and peas, the sassy dachshund was having none of it.

Dusty quickly shoves the bowl away, while the hilarious TikTok clip from @dustydollysausages guesses at what the fussy pup might be thinking.

“Nope, get it away from me. I don’t want that brown ****,” the voiceover says. “I’ve seen what you’re having for tea and you offer me this? How dare you, it’s an insult.”

In fairness to Dusty, she just recently gave birth to six puppies, so perhaps she feels deserving of something a bit fancier as a hard-working new mother.

Dusty’s owner Chloe Booth says that it’s not unusual for the diva dog to refuse her standard dog food in favour of scrambled eggs, boiled chicken or fish. “She thinks she’s Queen of the house,” Chloe says.

Food dispenser tantrum

Olive’s owner has bought her a shiny new food dispenser – but the Dogo Argentino is convinced that the new gadget must be broken, because it won’t give her endless supplies of food on demand.

Poor Olive clearly feels hard done by that the automatic dispenser has been set to a schedule that doesn’t suit her appetite, in a TikTok clip posted by @olive.and.hailey that left viewers in stitches over her melodramatic reaction.

The pup barks, growls and whines at her owner, clearly arguing the case to fix the dispenser to give her food right away, as owner Hailey patiently explains that it will only feed her three times a day.

But Olive won’t take no for an answer, having a full-on tantrum in front of the dastardly dispenser and wailing dramatically when Hailey says it will next give her some food at noon.

“I will surely starve by noon, mother!” one TikTok user commented on the funny clip, which seems to sum up Olive’s argument exactly.

Phil Collins, who?

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier is hungry – and he wants the whole house to know about it.

Alfie’s solution to alert everyone that it’s his dinnertime is to perform a ‘drum solo’ on the bottom of his empty bowl.

In a TikTok clip that shows Alfie in “full on diva mode”, the dramatic dog paws frantically at his bowl like he’s trying to dig for more food – or at least wake everyone in earshot, the Daily Star reports .

“You hungry mate?” his amused owner asks in the @alfieandarya TikTok clip, to which Alfie looks up pointedly as if he can’t believe the audacity of the question.

Measly portions

Even though diets might be the best course of action sometimes, nobody enjoys being put on one – and Mango’s face says it all.

The golden retriever was left fuming after being served up a measly portion of kibble, in a video posted on TikTok from @itsmissmango.

Although she was put on a diet by her vet, that does little to appease Mango, who flashes her owner a desperate look when she realises that the small amount poured into her food bowl is all she’s getting.

The short-changed pup gathered a lot of sympathy from viewers, with one person declaring: “Mango – I’m coming to rescue you!”

McDonald’s obsession

Of course, dogs often expect their owners to share their meals with them – and even if it’s not in their best interests to tuck into human food, it doesn’t stop them from wanting in on the action, as Gus proves in a TikTok clip by @margot_and_gus .

The six-year-old Weimaraner is obsessed with McDonalds, and will do anything to get his paws on his mum’s cheeseburger.

The vocal pup spends several minutes getting himself very worked up at the fact that the tempting treat isn’t being offered up to him, performing desperate spins and toe-taps around the kitchen as he cries.