Professional cleaners refuse to vacuum household item and divide the internet

A professional house cleaner has divided the internet over vacuuming one particular household item.

A cleaner called Ileana, who works at More Than Cleaning, in Los Angeles, California, USA, asked other cleaners whether or not they vacuum their client’s pet beds – and if not, why?

She said it “just didn’t make sense” to her not to vacuum the fur up – but others aren’t so sure.

She said: “If you’re a house cleaner do you vacuum the pet beds? Whether you do or don’t please go ahead and comment on your reasons why.

“I saw someone say that they did not wash the pet bowls nor vacuum the beds because it wasn’t part of their job. I thought it just didn’t make sense.”

Dog owners and other cleaners rushed to the comments section to share their views, with many agreeing that cleaning the pet bed is a must.

One said: “If you don’t clean the pet beds you might as well not vacuum.”

Another added: “I’m not a house cleaner but I probably would. It’s part of the house and it needs to be clean also. I do it for my own pets.”

A dog owner said: “If I paid someone to clean my house and they didn’t vacuum the pet beds I would be disappointed.”

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Some compared washing dog bowls to washing the dishes, with one commenter explaining: “If you don’t clean out the bowls they can grow mould and other stuff that’s harmful to the dogs.”

But other cleaners weren’t so keen on the idea of vacuuming the dog bed.

One wrote: “I don’t – but when I clean I go over everything in specific detail that the homeowner wants done so that nothing is missed.”

Another added: “No, not included in my services. That’s the owner’s job unless you want to pay more.”

“I never did because the clients didn’t expect me to,” a third added, while another said they’d only vacuum the pet bed if they were using the client’s vacuum.”

TikTok has proven to be a valuable source of tips and advice for dog lovers, with one user sharing a genius hack for removing fur from carpets – without the need for any special tech or gadgets.

TikTok user @imthatdogguy uploaded a short but popular video demonstrating how to use a window cleaner or squeegee to remove dog fur.

In his video he uses an extendable squeegee – but smaller hand-held versions that you can find in the car aisle supermarket work just as well.

In the caption of his video, @imthatdogguy writes: “This will save me emptying the vacuum about 200 times.”

Viewers then see him use his squeegee to scrape over his carpet with seemingly little effort and after just a few seconds of scraping, he amasses a large handful of dog hair that spills out of his hand.

The TikTok video quickly went viral, receiving more than 353,000 likes, 31,000 shares and thousands of comments.